Welcome to our publishing & songwriting department

The need for good songs is ever present. It doesn’t matter how amazing the recording and mixing equipment gets - a good song, is still a good song! And what characterizes a good song? Well, we think that the answers for this are as many as the stars in the sky. A good song, or should we say a hit song, can be a ballad, uptempo, have great lyrics - or bad lyrics, be in any of so many genres out there, have a male or female singer on it, or even be in instrumental. So the conclusion is; if there is any rule at all it is that there are no rules for creating a hit song! 

Nevertheless, that is what we are looking for - hit songs! If you feel that you have something along the lines of a smash just sitting around on hard drive or in your comp - don't wait submit it to us! We prefer to have it produced, but that is not a requirement, our publishing A&R’s will listen to everything that comes in and give feedback on everything - whether we decide to move forward or not! We see this service as one of our most important activities, because we know that there are so many great songs out there, in different stages of completion, that just need the right treatment to become a hit! 

So who might you be, perhaps for us yet, unknown song writer? Well, you can be the young producer, man or woman, that spends every available second in your home studio. You can be the aspiring song writer that have great ideas and only a few simple demos, looking for that break. You can also be a singer/songwriter that writes your own material, and haven’t really found your stage. You can also be an acclaimed writer/producer with great credits to your name, that are looking for new collaborations. What we are trying to say is that - anything goes! Please don’t hesitate to submit your songs whether they have the million dollar production or not. We will review everything you send and give you feedback!